Saturday, March 31, 2012

I belong

I belong to the ages of wisdom. I am a servant of the words. I belong to the night and the moon and the stars. I belong to the earth, the rich soil filling my lungs. I am taking root, watch me grow. I belong to the fragrant dance of the bloom unfolding in the afternoon sun. I belong to the sun, screaming through the trees. I belong to the trees, each single leaf in the moment just before it falls to its death on the grass below. I belong to the grass below, soft and damp underfoot. I belong to the damp darkness taking over my senses obliterating all light, wrapping me in this blanket of strange comfort. I belong to the strange, the forgotten, the lost and the lonely. I belong to my demons and their tricks. I belong to my own tricks. I belong to the circus, an animal performer slamming my face up against the cage. I belong to the spaces between the bars, the wide open spaces of breath and sighs and lovers. I belong to the lovers and their sweat, their sweet smelling sex dripping from my mouth. I belong to your mouth, your beautiful mouth, panting red cavern of desire. I belong to desire, to the burn. I belong to the raging fire of hearts beating wild, unrestrained. I belong to the wild, the weak and the wounded. I belong to the wound and the beauty leaking from it. I belong to the beautiful and the broken, bones and dreams. I belong to the dreams of the stargazers in a galaxy beyond. I belong to the galaxy, to the far reaches of alien fingers tickling the psyche of true thought thinkers. I belong to the collective, to the farm of ants smashed under a careless footstep. I belong to the footstep, the furious gate of frightened feet tearing through the under growth, chest heaving, gasping, grasping for a beacon of light to guide the way home. I belong to the monster chasing me. I belong to the monster chasing you. I belong to you.

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

the night

liquid black night touched by glittering eyes of angels from a million miles away

oh so enchanting this night
as though a shroud in which I wrap myself
a robe of twinkling velvet
draped across my shoulders
cascading down my back
adrift on the bouyant perfection of space

I feel this night watching me
as I am watching
studying each other's glory like lovers that
know no other face that
know no other touch

this night is mine
this night is mine
this night is mine
and I knew it would be
a vision brought to me
of still passion
and silent fire

I wait
and I wait
and I wait
for the stars to fall
from the sky
for the stars to fall
to the earth
and brush across my cheek
and dance through my hair
and gather at my feet
in a pool
of electric love
for me
for you

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Saturday, March 3, 2012


A horrible day it is indeed

When with mine eyes I clearly see

That which I proclaim not to be

Is exactly the epitome of me