Tuesday, November 9, 2010


everything is out of order you don't understand well you couldn't understand because of the problem with the order it's misleading even if you don't know the truth take it for what it is and nothing more you can't go far with what's right in front of you you can't use the clues that were left because they weren't left as clues it's all too much to explain and well the problem with the order makes it useless to try just take my word for it and let the words fall where they may and make no sense of the whole or it will be lost on you forever just take it one piece at a time

trust me

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

the unlikely gift

Stay curious my child for gentle will come this way again
and sweeter will it have never been
But for the teardrops and the broken hearts
that were bitter comfort in the fright filled dark
You may have missed the power of a delicate kiss
or the flutter of a heartbeat awash in bliss
Through tears the moon shines more luminous still
and all the heartbreaks only strengthen your will
So stay curious my child gentle will come this way again
and richer you will have never been