Saturday, May 24, 2014


Looking up at the stars on this clear, crisp night I am bursting at the perfection of the moment.  A stiff breeze kicks up all around me, swirling about my feet.  I fill my lungs with clarity.  A whirling dervish on an ice bitten night, on the precipice, on your mark, lean in, the wind takes me, the air invades me, penetrates me, lifts me, fills all the cracks, all the empty spaces now radiate outward. 
I bleed light.
This is the warrior
This is the wolf
This is the woman
I am the wild


you wrap me up in your arms, the sun drops from the sky
I know only your scent, your heat
drop by drop I melt across your skin, take your form
this is the whole world in one breath
the rise and fall of your chest, our gentle sway
we slip into the next dimension
dissipate into starry effervescence
there is no time or space
there is only this
we are free