Saturday, April 7, 2012


I have taken great care to organize and categorize to box it up and store it on a shelf but there were problems with the shelf it wasn’t quite strong enough there were too many boxes and everything has come crashing down landing square on my cluttered little head and the mess lies in crumpled mountains about my feet avalanches of antiquity tumbling past my ears into chaotic piles of destruction soon the broken cages will bury me becoming a new cage of broken parts and past failings to restrain me I need to retrain me I have forgotten so many things the remembering is all consuming a full time job for the unemployed adventurist how can I get to the apex reach the summit summon my demons for the purge how can I dive face first into tomorrow break open the doorway to beyondness to beyond this moment this moment of catastrophic proportions of atomic level abortions I can no longer see I am blinded by my self imposed limitations by low level imitations that speak the language of the common begging me to join throw my hands up throw my arms down give myself over to the lesser but I cannot I cannot I must wake from the nightmare shake off the despair drag one dead leg in front of the other and move forward always move forward


  1. I love the form of this, or perhaps the deliberate lack of form.
    Complete absence of punctuation leads me to read twice, once as a stream of consciousness and then again, constructing my own story,my own schema prompting me to create a clear understanding.
    I really enjoyed reading this. I'll read some more.

  2. Thank you! This type of thing spills from me often, my neouroses escaping.

    I would love to hear your construct of this spastic ranting!