Friday, January 27, 2012

the pursuit of crappiness ~ 3.31.07

I wait for the lights to come on as I've lost the ability to flip the switch. It seems I've walked the street for days looking for the hand that controls the light only to find continued darkness. Unfortunately daylight only burns the truth out of me. I crave artificial light, the spastic, irregular glow of the television bouncing off of the walls assaults me with friendly fire trapping me in a world of designer straight jackets minus the benzodiazepine. In the darkness I am safe.
I am a coward.


  1. you are not a coward ...

    just forgetting that your hand is in charge of light ... no matter how dim you choose for it to be, and there is beautiful magic in darkness, we should never assume that one precludes the other ... something like that anyway *s

  2. I forget often, makes me grateful to remember, thank you for that. yes the beautiful magic in darkness, it somehow softens the hard edges makes it easier to bear or bare, either is true. I frequently like to acknowledge my cowardice, bringing it out in the open turns it into courage.