Monday, February 21, 2011


In those moments between
when we are almost touching
my skin on the verge of breaking
the fire that passes between us
destroys me, renders me defenseless
I am frozen, trapped in my desire for you
one slight movement, one breath
and I shall collapse
lost forever to this world


  1. sometimes i wonder if stuff only happens externally to join up the spaces between that contain what's really going on ... *sigh .. this is lovely ...

  2. What a wonderful thought, just trying to make real the intangible, like painting pictures with words.

  3. I had this thought yesterday - that moment when you know someone's going to touch you and that feeling is going to whoosh through unexpected. These moments where we lose control of what is sensible and some other force takes over, just by one person touching another. I'm glad I didn't try to write the poem, as this says it all and is complete.

  4. boonwriter ~ so lovely of you to visit, thank you for your too kind words. ahhh, whoosh, a poem in itself, sends a shiver right up my spine.