Friday, February 18, 2011


Due to an overwhelming amount of fear I decimated what was my most treasured creation. Over the next days, weeks, months I will be restoring what I so foolishly destroyed approximately one year ago. Thank you to all that have the courage to put yourself out there. I am forever in your debt.


  1. one of your qualities that i adore

    is that you think you're afraid and display the most extraordinary courage to destroy even what is treasured ... THEN you haul yourself up from the wreckage and, with even MORE amazing courage, set about re-creating!

    you're wonderful, La Lunatique!

  2. How fantastically marvelous to awaken to these words, these gorgeous words for me. As I read your comment again & again, I became overtaken by emotion & cried like a newborn baby. You can't know or I suspect you know too well how much this means to me.

    forgetmenow, it is you that is wonderful!